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New Music 5th November 2016

Fighting Boredom listens to and watches an enormous amount of music every week, we think that some of it needs to be shared wider and in order to achieve that here is a page of new videos from around the world that we have found this last week or so

Zeus! – Enemy e Core (Three One G)

Zeus! are from Italy and give us a ‘proggy, fuzzed out noise punk take on math rock’ repetative and spikily clear, this is fro  their forthcoming album Motomonoto. We think it’s noisy and great.

Gold Panda – Your Good Times Are Just Beginning (City Slang)

Laid back electronica with a jazz ting from the new Gold Panda EP. Slick and groove laden and seems effortless.

Katalina Kicks – Guns

London based Katalina Kicks release their new single Guns at the end of November. It’s written about then President Obama’s tearful reaction to a high school shooting and the addition of the president elects terrifying answer at the beginning of the track just makes it more powerful. Angry and loud.

Nots – Inherently Low (Heavenly Recordings)

A fast indie sounding song from Low from their album Cosmetic, with great discordant guitars and hard vocals, it sounds on the verge of falling apart and we love it.

Martyrdöd – Harmagedon (Southern Lord)

Swedish ‘giants of modern metallic d-beat’ Martyrdöd give us the first track off their forthcoming album List. Precise, loud and fast metal it’s going to explode.


A Tree Grows – Wau Wau Water (Rufftone Records)

Laid back to the point of being horizontal jazz, this is cool and stretched out, visions of smoke and coffee, dark corners and strange women, sexy and languid. This is the first single from their debut EP.




Doomsquad – Who Owns Noon in Sandusky? (Bella Union)

Canadian psychedelic, electronic dance anyone? These guys are echoing around my head. It’s off their debut album in the UK – Total Time and we like it a lot.

Kristen Hersh – Soma Gone Slapstick (Omnibus Press)

Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses fame has her new double CD and book set out on Friday. This video gives a wonderful focused slice of Kristen’s music, she never disappoints and nearly always surpasses my expectations. A Fighting Boredom album review will come soon

Papa M – Bloom (Drag City)

Precise, loud grunge tinged instrumental rock off the new album Highway Songs out this week.

Wardruna – Raido (Norse Music)

Disturbing and beautiful Viking folk music, primal and dark, stained and shining brightly in the mist.

11 Paranoias – Milk of Amnesia (Ritual Productions)

Nasty, noisy and wonderful. 11 Paranoias give us a video steeped in horror movies which matches the antagonistic grinding music very well.

Adrian Bloxham

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