Mark Gardener and 2Square new Video

Mark Gardener, best known for the fire blazing layered guitars of Ride, returns with a new song and video. Chained is a collaboration with Stephan Haeri of France’s Telepopmusik.

Recorded in a smokey Paris apartment. It’s a spaced out, bliss filled small sounding song, drifting out further and further into the darkness as Mark’s vocal gently pulls you apart. The music is a strange mixture of sounds and instruments. The sound is intricate and blurred and almost desperate.

The video was directed , filmed and produced by Dariy Karyakin in June 2020. Fighting boredom are impressed, have a listen.

Mark Gardener’ Facebook presence is at the OX4sound page, he has a Bandcamp page and Tweets as @MarkGardener

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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