New Releases – up to January 14th 2018

As Fighting Boredom enters the new year we have once more been inundated with great music, music that we feel could do with sharing out further so here’s a round up of the releases that have grabbed our attention this last couple of weeks.


Cherry Pickles – Elvis Exorcist

Cherry Pickles are Priscila B from Brazil who sings and plays guitar with Mimi B from UK smiles and plays drums. Fighting Boredom saw them play with Black Mekon who may or may not be involved in the single, we don’t know. We don’t really know much about it at all except that it’s a very short, twang infused garage rock with a beat to make you wiggle your hips. Rudimentary and ace!


Potty Mouth – 22

All female punky poppy trio Pottymouth released their new track from the forthcoming new album SNAFU, it’s a melodic punk blast, infectious and fresh. It’s a tongue in cheek blast of a track about not wanting to get older, something I remember well.

Gum Takes Tooth – Fights Physiology

We saw Gum Takes Tooth at last years Supersonic Festival after they had spent time in the Moog labs, this track takes the electronic strangeness of that set and makes it harder and more disturbing. The new album is out on Rocket Recordings at the end of January.

Ex-Hex – Cosmic cave 

Another all female group, can’t have too many of them in my thinking. This is shimmering punky garage pop with exquisite harmonies and a cool song.

Cosey Fanni Tutti – Orenda

Cosey has her second solo album out at the start of February, it’s ‘an audio self portrait comprising of manipulated sound recordings from Cosey’s life, music and art’. Orenda is a dense soundscape that disturbs and draws you in.

The Young Gods – Figure sans nom

The Young Gods return with a hard edged electronic beast of a track, they have a new album out in March and a one off date in London. We are glad they are back.

A New International – Necropolitan

A New International released their fantastic album and then seemed to disappear, now we have a new torch song to savoir,  excellent

Das Fluff – Rise

Decadent sounding electro pop from das Fluff, sleazy and very cool. For dark corners of clubs in strange cities.

Daughters – Less Sex

A dark, flowing understated track

Burning House – Mirror Song

British noise-gaze? Sounds hard and dreamy vocal, a great track




Adrian Bloxham

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