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New Tracks – 22nd August 2016

Every Week we get send a plethora of emails telling us that this band has a new track out, this band has a new single and watch this band’s new video. Here at Fighting Boredom we like to share things out so our new page is a collection of stuff that we have been sent, listened to and whether we are fans or not we are going to share them with you. If you like them, share them out, buy music, listen to more and let us know.

1 – Super Unison – Time and Distance

Super Unison are from Oakland CA. This is off their new album out in October, Auto. They are noisy, intense and almost sloppy. The music has a slight No Wave tint but is in no way derivative. A blast.

2 Gold Panda – Chiba Nights – (John Roberts Remix)

Gold Panda’s album ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ came out earlier this year, he’s just released this remix by John Roberts which is a satisfyingly squelchy, groovy little number.

3 Polykite – Bones

Melbourne’s Polykite give us an effortless slice of dream pop which had me from the floating bass sound and harmonies right at it’s start. Beautiful

4 Wardruna – Odal

Viking folk music that is not for the fainthearted, a fantastically dark track from the third of their Runaljod album trilogy Ragnorak. Powerful and emotional.

5 Ezra Furman – The Refugee

A powerful searing folk song about Ezra’s Grandfather fleeing the Nazis. Harsh and uncompromising without needing noise, from his new EP Big Fugitive Life.

6 Tanya Tagaq – Aorta

Inuit experimental vocalist Tanya Tagaq releases an album in November called Retribution, it’s a portrait of a violent world in crisis, and the music reflects that with darkness and a hellish sound.

7 Helms Alee – Galloping Mind Fuk

This is from the new album Stillicide, this is Nasty, dirty post rock, angry and wild. This band are always good and this doesn’t disappoint.

8 Goat – Alarms

With a new track from their forthcoming new album Goat give us Alarms. Their Eastern European folk is refined and soft to start with and melts into a psychedelic guitar doodle. Slow and alive.

9 M Craft – Blood Moon – Remix by Cavern of Anti-Matter
M Craft’s album has been out since May, here is a remix of the title track by Cavern of Anti-Matter. A spaced out synth drenched journey into space.

10 Mandolin Orange – Hard Travellin’
New single from the album Blindfaller, it’s a honky tonk twinged mix of Americana, bluegrass and country, it feels alive and kicking, the two vocals work well together.

If you want to send Fighting Boredom something to listen to and get a mention just get in touch on our Facebook page.

Adrian Bloxham

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