Supersonic Festival 2023 – A Preview

Supersonic Festival 2023 – September 1st – 3rd Birmingham UK

Supersonic Festival is where the odd little website you are reading now came from. The photographer and I, well before we were either a photographer or writer went to see a reformed Godflesh in the Custard Factory in Digbeth. Alongside Godflesh was a wealth of bands that I had never heard of, never even thought might exist yet captured me entirely. Melt Banana for one, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji for another. Music the like of which I had not even imagined. Fast forward to now and the music that Supersonic Festival puts on either in individual gigs, curated events at other festivals or especially at the three day event itself is part of our DNA. I’m not overstating this, it’s just the way it is. Read below for this years line up and day splits for their latest edition.

This year is a celebration of twenty years of the festival, Artistic Director and Co-Founder Lisa Meyer says this about it “My mission is to create a line up that champions the most significant artists from the underground, artists that challenge us to think about injustices of the world we are currently living in and those that are pushing the boundaries of adventurous music. These indescribable links bind the programme together to make a festival which makes a space for those with open ears and hearts. Over the last 20 years our aim has been to provide a means for unity, for escapism, camaraderie; for belonging and most importantly for unrestrained joy.”


On FRIDAY the 1st of September you have

The beautiful bright indie of Deerhoof

The spectacle and wonder of an Ex Easter Island Head performance

The single minded focus of Hey Colossus

The uncompromising hip hop of Infinity Knives x Brian Ennals 

The rapid flow and rugged beats of MC Yallah + Debmaster

The supergroup coming from members of Vanishing Twin,HARRGA and Yama Warashi – Ondata Rossa

The excellent Total Luck who have just supported Gnod

And the strange jazz stylings of un.procedure


On SATURDAY the 2nd of September you have

The intense industrial metal pioneers Godflesh

The horrorcore hip hop of Backxwash

The strange avant gardism of Ashenspire

The pure noise of Divide & Dissolve

The aberrant beats of Elvin Brandhi

The infectious grooviness of Horse Lords

The menace and majesty of the fantastic Oxbow

The Black Metal of Ragana

The righteous hard core of Taqbir

The quite bonkers set from DJ Bus Replacement Service

And more To Be Announced


SUNDAY the 3rd of September you get 

The dark folk of Lankum

The circling groove of 75 Dollar Bill

The frenetic Sound world of Avalanche Kaito

The free jazz noise of Blacks’ Myths

The emotionally rending sound of Big Brave with violinist Jessica Moss

The folk storytelling of Josephine Foster

The composer and saxophonist Matana Roberts

The working class traditions of Shovel Dance Collective

The supergroup stylings of Silver Moth

The different folk textures of Širom

But alongside that you can expect workshops, artists, dj sets and the wonderful marketplace. As well as the usual samosas and cakes. 

It’s an absolutely vital festival and the line up for their twentieth year is as good as it can be. Go and find your new favourite band.

Supersonic Festival’s website is, they are on Facebook and Tweet as @supersonicfest.

For all information about the festival please go to the website,

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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