Rude Audio – Rudest EP – EP Review

coverRude Audio

Rudest EP

Zirkus Records


Rude Audio are a DJ and Production collective with ‘origins rooted in the gutters of South London and North East England.’  They have put on ‘brilliant underground parties, created critically acclaimed electronic music, engineered for top artists and generally popped up at events with an open-minded underground ethos.’ Their new four track EP has been reviewed by Fighting Boredom and we are impressed.

This just sounds effortless, the beats flow, the music throbs and the samples just add an extra touch of sensuality on top. It brings up visions of crowds of spaced out people dancing as one, it’s so simple that you know there’s no way that this was easy to make. The drugged up, laid back vibe of ‘Crystal Pylon’ makes you want to hold someone close and kiss as you dance. Then the music drips out of your speakers and flows across the floor as ‘Knockemdub’s massive bassline bleeds into the room with a much more sensuous trippy vibe.

‘Half Moon Lane Glitter’ gives you a vision of the glamour of the crowd dancing in some disintegrating warehouse, the brightness and energy balanced with the broken windows and corroding brickwork, relentless and dark. ‘User’ gives you a DIY feel as if samples and sounds have been melded together and the resulting soundscape has just been put out there for us to absorb.

It’s sexy in a rude and uplifting way, it’s bright in places and balances that with the undertow of darkness lurking in ‘Half Moon Lane Glitter’. Overall its four tracks drag you in and make you think, move and then just dance.


Rude Audio’s website is They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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