October and the Eyes – Dogs and Gods – EP review

October and the Eyes – Dogs and Gods

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New Zealand-born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer October and The Eyes recently released her new EP, Dogs and Gods, ‘With nods to acid rock, psychobilly and post-punk, October and The Eyes’ music is equal parts nostalgia-drenched as it is future forward, employing layers of ambient synth drones to anchor the crunched guitars and jagged organ parts.’ We’ve been listening, read what we think below.

There’s a moment at the start of ‘You Deserve It’ when the fuzziest, messiest Psychobilly messy riff kicks in and you can see, perfectly, the singer leaning into the mic over a crowd of binafide lunatics and lazily drawling out the words just before the music sinks back into it’s gothy, psychedelic sprawl. This record is the sound of a messed up low self opinionated mind. It’s the sound of scruffy, mismatched clothes and an empty wallet. It’s slack, pleading, sensual in turns crawling horribly into the darkness. There’s a definite hint of Goth here, not the poseurs, the real thing if you can remember that far back. There’s an urgency to the music but it’s not a call to do anything, it’s to make you take it in and join the cult.

There’s only six tracks here but if you play them back to back for long enough you forget how short it is and leave it alone to fog and fuzz up your senses enough you can get very very lost. An angular, beautiful stranger of a record.

October and the Eyes are on Facebook and have a Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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