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Limpid – EP


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Fighting Boredom met Limpid at a Supersonic Kids Gig when Anna Palmer was talking to her while twenty or so under tens experienced the wonders of alternative electronic music. This EP is as odd as that conversation and has the vote of approval from at least one under ten that was at the gig. Read what the grown ups thought below.

This music starts out wonky and wibbling, like the sound of your brain after bumping your head and then attempting to ride an petrol driven unicycle. When the beats, fuzzy and out of focus appear behind little repetitive electro tunes it just feels more like a hallucinogenic than a slice of music, you can hear the traces. The vocal doesn’t help and neither does the crunching distorted bass throbs. If you fancy not sleeping tonight, turn it right the way up and float away with the helicopters.

It’s a government enforced walk through an empty city, crisp packets fading and blowing around in the wind as the sky looks down at you devoid of vapour trails. This is all in your head you keep telling yourself, all in my head, just static from the telephone masts, just the radar keeping count of the lanterns floating out of my ears. Just when  you find yourself again there’s a little high voice sounding as confused as you feel. Lost and strange it flows up into the flawless sky and loops back up inside your mouth straight to your melting brain.

But there is hope, there is joy and the broken piano of your soul is soothed by the fantastic dancetastic joyful wonky disco extravaganza that fills your heart with bright sparks and your feet with helium. bouncing like a tiny mushroom playing with a hedgehog it takes you out again and feels wonderful. The feeling deflates like a split pair of doc martins and suddenly it’s as confusing and alien as an episode of The Clangers dubbed in Spanish. Oh there are vocals, and they are in English but the music is in no Earthly language I know of. 

The feeling falls and with strange scraping sounds and whistling loops a tune is formed, becoming solid with droning bass and turns into the sound of despair in the stupid hours of the morning, it’s about having nothing and feeling old as fuck. A Harsh, hard, angry and desperate song. loud, discordant and railing against the expectations people pile onto you until your head isstuffed full of shit. It just makes you stop.

Limpid confound me, this is only seven songs long but feels like a lifetime. It’s formed from air and life, good and bad, and for me that’s easily enough.

Limpid have a Bandcamp page, where you can get the EP

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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