GHXST – Dark Days – EP review

GHXST – Dark Days EP

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Brooklyn based GHXST just released their new EP ‘Dark Days’ it’s described as ‘an exercise in restraint and volume.’  and “We hope someone blows out a speaker playing this record”. Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

GHXST want this album to sound like an ‘808 booming out of a Cadillac window in Bed Stuy’. The 808 sounds big and slow. No dancefloor patterns here, no bright lights and little sunshine. This music is slow, deeply slow and heavy. It’s dark to the point of Goth, and that’s no bad thing people. Goth is and always will be cool as. The guitars are fuzzy and distorted and tuned down and deep. The sound shakes as the drum patterns move slowly, inevitably forwards. It’s a record for the night and a cloud filled moonless sky. The only light coming from your headlights as you drive aimlessly away from the world.

The vocals are hazy, dreamy and sound lazy. As if the singer is just waking up into the darkness. Drifting into sleep and out again. Eyes flickering and fingers twitching. It’s a relentless drift into oh so heavy and loose music, the only respite being the spaghetti western guitars on the final song, as the drive splutters to a halt when the petrol runs dry and they’re left stranded deep in the desert as the sun starts to rise.

GHXST’s website is, they are also on Facebook and Tweet as @GHXSTMUSIC

Al words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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